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5 Ways Digitization Is Changing the Construction Industry

Some changes are so slow and subtle that one will perish if they do not change, adapt to it in time.

The world is now in the 4th industrial revolution and the construction industry is notoriously known to be slow and averse to change. The 5 prominent outcomes of digitization and modernization of the construction industry Improved business relationships

  • Faster project planning
  • Easier sharing of information across the organization
  • Efficient storage and reuse of data
  • Overall improvement in business performance, communications
  • Increase in project throughout with shorter life-cycle time

Remodelling a 1930’s Home in Manchester

We just finished off a remodelling a palatial house situated in Manchester was to be remodelled as per the modern requirements and tastes of its new owners, whilst retaining the historical value of the property.

The project as headed by Chief Designer & Architect Paul Walker. Highlights of the remodelling work done were to give more windows to the house that made it more bright and open. Interiors work included replacing the stone floors with contemporary wooden planks in different hues of brown and grey.

Stone walls that separated the living room from the study and dining room were replaced by tinted- framed glass. This still separated the office/study room from the living room while giving a wider, expansive look and feel to both the spaces. The fireplaces across the house including bedroom, living
room and study were made the main attraction of the house.