Tips To Prepare For Carpet Installation

Carpets are an essential part of home décor and they offer a high level of comfort. Thus, many houses in Thurrock have carpets installed on the floors. However, they tend to get old and wear off with time. So, you need to change them. You can hire carpet fitters in Thurrock to get carpets replaced with perfection.

If you are willing to do it yourself, below discussed are the tips to follow.

Remove your old carpet

Removing your old carpet on your own is a good way to save money. If professionals pull up them, they will charge you on a per square yard basis. So, you can save more money and can repair your damaged floor.

Check the molding and door height

If your door and molding are not installed considering the carpet height, your new carpet will rub from the bottom of the door. So, cut the bottom side of the door to avoid this damage. Keep in mind your new carpet thickness should be the same as the old carpet.

Change the place of the furniture

You may know that heavy furniture can quickly damage your new carpet. The leg of the furniture or any other attached part can damage the area of the furniture. So, you should prefer changing the place of the furniture before installing the new carpet and ensure that they don’t damage your new carpet.

Molding and wall paints

You may see the backing on the carpet. It is just such as sandpaper. If they touch your woodwork or wall while removing or installing, they can damage the paint. However, now new carpets have smooth backings. So, you need to paint the molding and wall before installing a new one.