Effective Tips For Maintaining Quartz Countertops

The houses in London have a separate uniqueness when it comes to having countertops in their kitchens. The residents like to have a different style and design defining element in their kitchens and bathroom places. This is why they prefer having quartz kitchen worktops in London to any other option. It allows them a great number of options to choose from. Plus, it has a different level of shine and attractiveness to itself.

However, it is even more important to use the right methods to ensure that these worktops function for a long period of time. Here are some tips for maintaining these quartz based countertops.

Avoid Sealing

There is this one headache that one gets devoid of while using quartz based countertops and this is something that can even help it to maintain a long life. The tip is to not seal quartz tops with the application of sealants. The formation of quartz is different from those of natural stone options and the resins, pigments, and bonding materials used in its making form a protective layering already that is also non-porous.

Proper solutions for cleaning

As a countertop material, quartz does not react to the common cleaning materials of the households and especially those that contain bleaches or any amount of ammonia in their composition. They can even tend to damage the composure of the countertops because of their extreme pH values. This is why only those cleaning solutions can be used on quartz that is specifically designed for them and make sure that their application on the top brings the relevant shine.